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We start with shoes because, when it comes to running, nothing is more important than what you wear on your feet.

Your Connection to the Trail

Our running shoes play an even more critical role out on the trail than when you are on the road.

Your road running shoes are there to provide the appropriate level of support & comfort while you run and train. As long as we are comfortable in them, we don’t really ask too much more out of them.

It is a different story while you are out on the trail. 

Trail running shoes must do everything a road shoe does, while also providing protection & grip. 

Protection is needed for the loose rocks you will inevitably end up kicking down the trail as you run and additional grip is needed to keep you from flying off the edge of the trail as you come around a blind corner, full speed!

The brands we are highlighting the best out there in building a better shoe for the trails. They all offer the comfort, grip, durability and protection you will need while running along your favorite single track. 


Some of the best brands in trail running are still relatively unknown to many of you out there. This is partly due to the fact that trail running is still a small, but growing sport with little media coverage or support. Also, many of the largest brands are based overseas, mainly in Europe, where trail running is far more popular.