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The Big Dalton Creek, in Glendora, Ca, is little known outside the local trail community, keeping it relatively quiet, even on holiday weekends. It consists of several short trails and a few longer ones of varying difficulty, making this trail park one of the best for workouts and consistent training. You can easily vary the length of your run from 1 to over 12+ miles with elevation and steepness variation to match!

The video above is taken from Big Dalton Trail, which runs alongside Big Dalton Creek. It is a gently undulating 3 mile out and back hike that I like to run as a warm-up to a long run, or to add mileage or cool down after a tough workout on the steeper climbs.

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The San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run takes place annually in the east county mountains of San Diego. We are so glad that Steven de la Cruz invited Emma @trail_lover_lira to pace him for about 30 miles of the race. We loved the atmosphere, the friends and family watching, and of course, the competition out on the trails!
The race start/finish venue is located at Lake Cuyamaca near the mountain community of Julian. This is about 50 miles east of San Diego.
The course covers 5 distinct areas to include Lake Cuyamaca, Rancho Cuyamaca/Anza Borrego State Parks, Noble Canyon, Mt Laguna Recreational Area, and the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). The course is 85% single track technical trails and includes just over 13,000 feet climb/descent each.

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Congrats to @anthonyfagundo and to @trail_lover_lira for winning the half marathon in last weekends Ramblas Run!
This beautiful trail race takes place in the San Juan Hills area that divides San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano. The race starts and ends at the Las Ramblas Trailhead as it winds its way through the surrounding, lush coastal hillsides.
Race Director @runramblas puts on a great race and it’s become a local favorite, drawing people from all over Coastal Orange County, North San Diego and beyond. 
the half marathon course, while not overly technical, is still challenging due to terrain and weather. Even the well traveled fire road trails are lined with deep ruts, keeping you alert on the fast, steep downhills and the hot, dry weather can take a toll if you aren’t prepared for it! 

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The #SantaBarbara#NineTrails 35 Mile Endurance race was supposed to be all about the @coconinocowboys comin into town and destroying the course record.
And while that did happen, the most indelible images from that race for me seem to involve @catberad 🐐The grit and determination it took to finish on a bum knee and broken rib is beyond me. How she managed to smile and be thankful for the experience is even more amazing. 

But there were many other outstanding performances, just as you would expect from such a stacked field. Every one of the Coconino Cowboys finished in the top ten, but in the mix right with them were several local favorites and one particularly talented youngster. The women performed just as strongly, the visiting pros but up a challenge, and the local trail queens rose up to meet it. 

All in all, it was a great race to film and I hope you all enjoy the video! 

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The Leona Divide 50 was the brainchild of Bob Kimmerly who in late 1991 with his friends John Swallow and Don Hughes mapped out a 50 mile course through the beautiful Angeles National Forest near Lake Hughes. A portion of the race traveled the Leona Divide Truck Trail and passed through Leona Divide twice, hence the name. Losing his battle with cancer in January of 1992, Bob never saw his dream, but his family and friends made sure it became a reality in April of 1992.

Thank you @keirahenninger for putting on another awesome #leonadivide for us. This race really has become an institution…
I had a great time out there capturing some images. @jessemhaynes ran a strong race as he passed by some #50mile history 

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We start with shoes because, when it comes to running, nothing is more important than what you wear on your feet.

Your Connection to the Trail

Our running shoes play an even more critical role out on the trail than when you are on the road.

Your road running shoes are there to provide the appropriate level of support & comfort while you run and train. As long as we are comfortable in them, we don’t really ask too much more out of them.

It is a different story while you are out on the trail. 

Trail running shoes must do everything a road shoe does, while also providing protection & grip. 

Protection is needed for the loose rocks you will inevitably end up kicking down the trail as you run and additional grip is needed to keep you from flying off the edge of the trail as you come around a blind corner, full speed!

The brands we are highlighting the best out there in building a better shoe for the trails. They all offer the comfort, grip, durability and protection you will need while running along your favorite single track. 


Some of the best brands in trail running are still relatively unknown to many of you out there. This is partly due to the fact that trail running is still a small, but growing sport with little media coverage or support. Also, many of the largest brands are based overseas, mainly in Europe, where trail running is far more popular.